The Independent – Review: Live In London

But what becomes immediately apparent listening to this wonderful double-album is that Cohen is possessed of a rare and remarkable ability to make colossal venues like the Royal Albert Hall and even the O2 Dome shrink to about the size of a police-box – or, more appropriately, a suburban boudoir. Blessed with the most sensual basso profundo since Barry White, he makes the act of singing for thousands seem like pillow-talk for one’s ears alone. For confirmation, just listen to the mighty roar of acclaim which greets the now famous line from “Tower Of Song” about being “born with the gift of a golden voice”: it’s because every member of his audience is, in a sense, there alone with Leonard as he croons through romantic favourites like “Sisters Of Mercy”, “Suzanne”, “I’m Your Man”, “Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye” and “Ain’t No Cure For Love”, or shares the world-weary wit of “Everybody Knows” and “Democracy”. – The Independent, March 27, 2009