Rock CD – Review: The Future

This excellent new album continues the stylistic experiments inaugurated with I’m Your Man, with only a few nods to the jaundice folkiness that made him so popular with hypochondriacs and raving paranoiacs in the first place. Likewise, his lyrical concerns have broadened beyond familiar themes of seduction and betrayal, with numerous forays into the political amphitheatre and committed stabs into the belly of the cynical, hard-boiled nineties. “’Waiting For A Miracle,’ ‘Anthem’ and ‘Light As The Breeze’ wouldn’t sound out of place on albums like Songs From A Room and Various Positions were it not for the slightly eerie syncopated backbeats and state-of-the-art (i.e. posh) production… this album cements Cohen’s reputation as wry nineties ironist and all-round spokesman for the human condition. Little short of a bloody marvel. — Rock CD, December 1992